Get your body back into the shape you desire in just 14 Days, and do it without feeling intimidated, feeling alone in the gym, or worrying about getting injured!
Get Your Body Back Into The Shape You Desire In Just 14 Days, And Do It Without Feeling Intimidated, Feeling Alone In The Gym, Or Worrying About Getting Injured!
At Pulse Fitness, we do things differently.
Our facility is 100% dedicated to personal training… so there are no “gym rats” watching and judging you.

We take a holistic approach to health, too… we know that losing weight and getting back your energy is more than about just exercise.
So we’ve packed this program with everything you need to reclaim the health and body you thought were gone for good:
  • Your exclusive “Starting Point Consultation", where we’ll identify YOUR most important health and fitness goals, and develop a customized plan to get you there fast! ($199 Value)
  • A private Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to uncover any physical limitations… so we can structure your individualized plan to correct those limitations! ($79 Value)
  • A complete Body Composition Scan (inBody 570) to establish a “baseline” to measure your results against (that way, you can actually SEE your progress)! ($35 Value)
  • 4 personal training sessions with our experienced, certified coaches! ($200 Value)
  • Unlimited Metabolic Training in our bootcamps! ($149 Value)
  • A 14-day meal plan… so you don’t have to spend hours at the grocery trying to figure out what to give your body for the fuel and nourishment it needs! ($99 Value)
Total Value: $761
The difference isn’t hard to imagine… especially when we hear success stories like these from our members every day:
"Pulse Fitness has changed my life. I've been to enough gyms to know and understand what good training is all about, and Pulse Fitness is it. The entire team, from the Owners, the Coaches, to the Front Desk Staff is 5 stars. I'm now able to perform and doing things I was only able to do in my 30's again. I can't say enough, other than.... Thank You" 
- Bruce W. 
"I never thought a gym could be a place you WANTED to go to everyday! Pulse Fitness has changed the stereotype of a gym and it has changed me! Since coming here I have become more comfortable lifting weights, my endurance has increased drastically and my quality of sleep has improved. The bootcamp and personal training instructors are the best! Thank you Pulse." - Hayley F. 
"I started coming to Pulse Fitness just over 5 years ago, and I've never been happier with the decision I made to join. The training team here is THE BEST in the area, and the facility and staff are so inviting, that I actually find myself looking forward to coming in. I've found myself able to do things I haven't been able to do in years, I feel amazing & sleep great. Pulse Fitness is the best part of my day, everyday " - Stacy P. 
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We know that saying you can transform your body and health in just 14 days is a pretty big claim. So it’s understandable if you’re a bit skeptical. 

So how about this: 
"We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is 
100% Rock Solid Guarantee" 
If you train with us 4 times a week and follow our nutrition plan as laid out by our certified professionals and you still aren't happy with your results at the end, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. We are so confident in our program that we are offering this guarantee just for participating. You have nothing to lose!

Sound fair? 

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